Lead Generation

Ice Mobile’s Mobile Marketing platforms assists advertisers in connecting with potential customers by generation leads on Risk or No Risk basis which is an essential part of growing a business.

These leads are sent into a CRM system via an API Integration, in real-time which allows for the Call Centre agent contacting these “Hot” Leads to convert them into Sales. These leads can also be sent via a real-time e–mail as well.

A simple “Call to Action” via a SMS Campaign like a Shortcode ie: SMS to 32212 or a USSD Dial string ie: *120*12345# or a mobi-site url link can be provided to monitor the leads being generated. If the AVM platform is utilized, the script must include response mechanisms such as: Select 1 if you are interested or Select 9 to Opt-Out. Full reporting is provided.
Depending on which Risk model Client wishes to agree to, commercials are agreed accordingly.